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Data Handling Pipeline (de Ronde et al. RNA 2017)0.1MB updated: 02/28/2017
Factor Correction: removal of between session vari0.4MB updated: 08/12/2016
Factor-qPCR: removal of between plate variation1.3MB updated: 01/27/2016
Friedman test: non-parametric 2-way ANOVA0.7MB updated: 09/25/2014
G-test: comparison of more SAGE libraries0.4MB updated: 03/28/2012
Kruskal-Wallis test: non-parametric one-way ANOVA0.7MB updated: 03/24/2012
LC480Conversion: conversion of raw data from LC4800.4MB updated: 12/16/2014
LinRegPCR: analysis of quantitative PCR data1.7MB updated: 09/23/2018
LinRegPCR course version: analysis of qPCR data1.7MB updated: 05/19/2017
Proliferation Toolbox V1.167MB updated: 10/15/2012
SAGEstat: comparison of sets of transcript tags0.5MB updated: 12/16/2014
SummStats: calculate summary statistics0.5MB updated: 09/23/2018
Aanhaanen_circ_res_2010_3D.pdf2.3MB updated: 07/30/2012
Bakker_thesis_2012_3D.pdf2.1MB updated: 11/19/2012
Buermans_Plos_One_2010_3D.pdf1.9MB updated: 09/23/2011
deBakker_Reprod_Toxicol_2012_3D.pdf8.8MB updated: 07/30/2012
deBakker_Thesis_Supplementary_data_2017.zip0.9MB updated: 12/07/2017
deBoer_Development_2011_3D.pdf2.3MB updated: 09/16/2011
deBoer_Dev_Biol_2012_1_3D.pdf20.1MB updated: 07/30/2012
deBoer_Dev_Biol_2012_2_3D.pdf17MB updated: 07/30/2012
deBoer_PLoS_One_2012_3D.pdf2MB updated: 10/29/2012
Jensen_PLoS_One_2012_3D.pdf28MB updated: 09/25/2012
Postma_Tr_Cardiovasc_Med_2009_3D.pdf2.7MB updated: 07/30/2012
Rana_Am_J_Med_Genet_A_2013_3D.pdf4.8MB updated: 05/27/2013
Rana_Hum_Mol_Genet_2012_3D.pdf4.5MB updated: 07/30/2012
Sizarov_Circulation_2010_3D.pdf6.4MB updated: 07/30/2012
Sizarov_Circulation_2011_3D.pdf11.5MB updated: 07/30/2012
Sizarov_Circ_Arrhythm_Electrophysiol_2011_3D.pdf7.4MB updated: 07/30/2012
Sizarov_J_Anat_2012_3D.pdf10.3MB updated: 07/30/2012
vandenBerg_circ_res_2009_3D.pdf2.5MB updated: 06/16/2015
vandenBerg_Heart_Dev_and_Reg_2010_3D.pdf6.8MB updated: 07/30/2012
vandenBerg_Plos_One_2011_3D.pdf7.8MB updated: 07/30/2012
vanWijk_circ_res_2009_3D.pdf4MB updated: 08/06/2010
Occupeak manual0.1MB updated: 06/23/2014
OccuPeak package for Linux (.zip)6.1MB updated: 06/23/2014
OccuPeak package for Windows (.zip)6.3MB updated: 06/23/2014
qPCR data with Methods paper20.1MB updated: 09/19/2012
EMERGE manual (.pdf)0.4MB updated: 06/25/2015
EMERGE package for Linux (.zip)3.1MB updated: 06/25/2015
EMERGE package for Windows 64bit (.zip)3.5MB updated: 06/25/2015
EMERGE Bed files
dm3 mesoderm peaks0.1MB updated: 08/05/2015
dm3 whole specimen peaks2.6MB updated: 08/06/2015
hg19 heart and brain peaks0.9MB updated: 08/06/2015
mm9 heart and brain peaks1.6MB updated: 08/07/2015
training data0.1MB updated: 08/07/2015