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The Summ_stats program calculates summary statistics - mean, SEM and N - for a test variable splitted into groups based on up to 3 grouping variables. Variance is calculated as the sum of squared residuals divided by (n-1) per group; SEM is the standard deviation divided by the square root of n per group. No SEM is calculated for group size below 2. No statistics are calculated for empty groups.


The Summ_stats program has a Help function that provides information on the basic use.

  • When I read data from Excel the number of decimal places is changed. What is going wrong?
    The decimal separator in Excel may be different from the separator defined in Windows. To make sure Excel uses the Windows separator: In Excel go to tools and choose options. In the Options dialog, choose the Tab International and on this Tab make sure the 'use system separators' box is checked.
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Version History

Summ_stats version 2015.3. Released April 2015.

  • In this version of SummStats the Experimental Design choices were extended with "1 factor, 1 column variable".

This addition has no effect on the result of earlier analyses.

Summ_stats version 2015.2. Released March 2015.

  • In previous versions of SummStats the exclusion of cases because of a missing value persisted when calculations were done for a second test variable. This behaviour is corrected in this version.

This correction has effect on the result of earlier analyses when summary statistics were calculated for more than one test variable and missing values in these test variables were unrelated.

Summ_stats version 2015.1. Released March 2015.

  • The choice between displaying the SEM (standard error of the mean: indicating the confidence with which the mean represents the real population mean) or the SD (standard deviation: indicating the spread in the observations) was added.
  • Some cosmetic changes were made.

This correction has no effect on the result of earlier analyses.

Summ_stats version 2014.2. Released December 2014.

  • A bug that occurred when the SEM is zero was removed.

This correction has no effect on the result of earlier analyses.

Summ_stats version 2014.1. Released December 2014.

  • First version of the program.

Summ_stats version 2014.0. not released.

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