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Pamplona:Beamer guided hands-on analysis of qPCR amplification curves.
This exercise requires 3 Excel files with example data. These will be send as email attachment. Two of those contain raw fluorescence data and their annotation (ARV_plate_X.xls) and the third file contains the combined results of those plates needed for the last part of the exercise. The pdf file gives instructions on how to download and install LinRegPCR and other required programs. Please follow these installation instructions before the start of the exercise. For detailed information on the "how and why" of the LinRegPCR program you should refer to the manual and to papers that we wrote on the analysis of qPCR data.

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Version History

Beamer-guided exercise version 1.0: Released May 2017.

2016 version of the workshop.
The file contains:

  • ARV_plate_1.xls
  • ARV_plate_2.xls
  • ARV_FCqPCR.xls
  • Pamplona_May_2017.pdf
The Excel files will be send as email attachment.
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