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MCR installation

OccuPeak is a Matlab based program. To be able to run the application the proper version of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) has to be installed. For windows install the 32-bit version for R2012b and for Linux environments install the 64-bits version of 2013a. This can be done by clicking this link ( and following the provided instructions.

OccuPeak package

OccuPeak is distributed as a self-extracting package. This package can be extracted to a location of your choice. Do not move the program to another directory because the program and the Genome subdirectory are required to remain at the same location. The Genome subdirectory lists text files containing chromosome lengths. For mouse genome version 9 (mm9), the file has been provided with the program package. When using data from other genomes, such files need to be placed in the Genome subdirectory and the OccuPeak program will detect them automatically.

You'll find the OccuPeak paper here

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