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Manual_exercises_master_course_Manchester_2017: Planning and analysis of multisession quantitative PCR experiments.
The pdf file is the manual for the beamer-guided exercises that will be demonstrated in this course. The manual contains the instructions on how to download the required programs and the workshop dataset. The data that will be analysed are in the Excel file. Programs have to be downloaded separately. Please do the downloads and installation before the lectures start when you want to perform the exercises yourself. Otherwise you will just have to look at the screen.

Version History

Workshop version 1.4: Released October 2017.

Fourth version of the workshop: Manchester.

Workshop version 1.3: Released November 2016.

Third version of the workshop: Manchester.

Workshop version 1.2: Released October 2015.

Second version of the workshop: Manchester.

Workshop version 1.1: Released December 2014.

First version of the workshop.

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