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The Friedman test is described as a non-parametric two-way analysis of variance. It can be used to test differences between rows, where the data per column are ranked. Rejection of the null hypothesis that the ranking is independent of the rows means that at least some rows have a preferred rank, i.e. these row differs significantly from other rows. In this implementation of the test, a multiple comparison of rows is then carried out to determine which (subsets of) rows do not differ from each other. This implementation is based on Conover WJ, Practical Non-Parametirc Statistics, pp 299-302, (J Wiley, New York, 2 ed, 1980).


The Friedman program has a Help function that provides information on the basic use and helps with some troubleshooting.

  • When I read data from Excel the number of decimal places is changed. What is going wrong?
    The decimal separator in Excel may be different from the separator defined in Windows. To make sure Excel uses the Windows separator: In Excel go to tools and choose options. In the Options dialog, choose the Tab International and on this Tab make sure the 'use system separators' box is checked.
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Version History

Friedman test version 2014.1. Released September 2014.

  • An error that blocked the saving of results to Excel was repaired. This change has no effect on the results of the analysis. Note that a minimum of 3 rows of data, including the header should be read.

Friedman test version 1.0. Released July 2012.

  • First version of the program that enables reading data from Excel.

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