Molecular Therapies for Cardiac Arrhythmias

Leader: Gerard Boink


Cardiac arrhythmias are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Currently available treatment modalities range from drugs and devices to more invasive therapies such as ablation and surgery. Despite ongoing improvements in these therapies, important limitations remain. To change this unfortunate state of affairs I have dedicated my research to the development of molecular therapies for cardiac arrhythmias. These efforts currently focus on the following therapeutic interventions:

  • Gene and cell therapy-based biological pacing
  • Direct reprogramming for myocardial regeneration and repair of the pacemaker and conduction system
  • Gene and cell therapy to prevent myocardial infarction-related arrhythmias

Team members

Gerard BoinkGroup Leader
Dirk GeertsScientist
Harsha DevallaScientist
Rajiv MohanScientist
Saritha AdepuScientist
Jianan WangPhD student
Mischa KlerkTechnician
Veronique KnaupTechnician
J BoinkGuest
Lotte GeerlingsStagiaire HBO

Key publications