Congenital Heart Disease in Adults



Advances in congenital heart surgery over the past few decades have led to increasing numbers of long term survivors. As a result, there are now as many adults with congenital heart disease as children. However, late complications occur frequently and morbidity is substantial. Data on long term outcome are hardly available. Therefore, in 2001 a nationwide registry for patients with congenital heart disease (CONgenital CORvitia, CONCOR) was initiated by the AMC. This database allows research on long-term outcome of many cardiac defects. A national DNA-bank was added to the CONCOR registry in order to investigate the underlying molecular basis of congenital heart defects. Presently, nearly 10.000 patients have been included in CONCOR. In the AMC twelve projects make use of the CONCOR database, 10 projects on long term outcome and 2 projects on the genetic basis of congenital heart defects.

Long term projects

  • Down syndrome and CHD, Jeroen Vis
  • PAH in CHD, Marielle Duffels
  • Statines in CoA, Gijs Mackay
  • Prognosis of CHD, Carianne Verheugt
  • Valsartan in TGA, Michiel Winter
  • RV functie in Fallot, Saskia Luijnenburg
  • Losartan in Marfan syndroom, Teodora Radonic
  • MRI in monoventrikels, Soha Romeih
  • Zorgbehoefte van CHD patienten, Dounya Schoormans
  • AritmieŽn bij CHD

Genetic background projects

  • Genen in CHD, Klaartje van Engelen
  • Genen in CHD, Irene Joziasse, Kelly Smith

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