Genetics of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Leader: Connie Bezzina


Sudden death from cardiac arrhythmias represents a common and serious public health problem. The primary goals of our research are to identify genetic factors associated with increased risk of arrhythmias and to provide insight into molecular mechanisms underlying abnormalities of cardiac rhythm. Approaches include genetic studies in families for identification of genes underlying familial primary electrical disease, association studies in patient populations for identification of common genetic variants (polymorphisms) predisposing to common arrhythmias such as primary ventricular fibrillation, electrophysiological, molecular and genetic studies in murine models of and studies in heterologous expression systems.

Team members

Connie BezzinaGroup Leader (PI)
Elisabeth LodderScientist
Charlotte GlingePhD student
Doris MilosavljevicPhD student
Federico ManevyPhD student
Isabella MengarelliPhD student
Joost OfferhausPhD student
Najim LahrouchiPhD student
Svitlana PodliesnaPhD student
Leander BeekmanTechnician
Lisanne WildeTechnician

Key publications