Research Lines

Research at the HFRC is subdivided into the following research units (i.e. principal investigator lines or pi-lines). Click on a line to obtain more detailed information, such as expertise, team members and key publications.

Arrhythmias in Heart Failure and IschemiaRuben Coronel
Cardiac arrhythmias; mechanism & treatmentJacques de Bakker
Cardiac Cellular ElectrophysiologyArie Verkerk
Cardiac Embryology and ReconstructionsJan Ruijter
Cardiac Muscle Cell FormationMaurice van den Hoff
Clinical Aspects of ArrhythmiasKrystien Lieve
Developmental and molecular aspects of arrhythmiasBas Boukens
Genetics & Signalling of Cardiac MalformationsPhil Barnett
Genetics of Cardiac ArrhythmiasConnie Bezzina
Human Integrative PhysiologyHan van Lieshout
Molecular Genetics of Heart FailureYigal Pinto
Molecular Therapies for Cardiac ArrhythmiasGerard Boink
Pathophysiologic Mechanisms of Sudden DeathHanno Tan
Transcriptional Control of Cardiac Development and ArrhythmiasVincent Christoffels
Translational Cardiac ElectrophysiologyCarol Ann Remme