Personnel of the HFRC

The center currently encompasses 155 people with various functions. One can click on a subject below to see more details or click here to expand all


General Support

Scientific Support


Anatomy and Embryology

Bernadette de BakkerEducation Coordinator
Petra HabetsEducation Coordinator
Roelof-Jan OostraEducation Coordinator
Lida van der MerweLecturer
Roeland KleipoolLecturer
Daniel BosStudent Assistant
Eline GoudswaardStudent Assistant
Jurr AndriessenStudent Assistant
Kerri ColmanStudent Assistant
Marlou de KoningStudent Assistant
Marlou ScholtenStudent Assistant
Sohayla BendaoudStudent Assistant
Stan DriessenStudent Assistant
Sterre JoorStudent Assistant
Anton LuzierGuest
Karl JacobsGuest
Tristan KrapGuest
Eric LichtenbergHead Dissection Ward
Mara ClerkxHead Dissection Ward
Inge DijkmanAnatomical Technician
Adrianus MeewisseStudent Assistant
Annabelle van GilsStudent Assistant
Anne de VriesStudent Assistant
Daan ZilverStudent Assistant
Hannah JalinkStudent Assistant
Ida van HarenStudent Assistant
Jack van DuurenStudent Assistant
Jasper GroenStudent Assistant
Justin van LoonStudent Assistant
Lydia SchonewilleStudent Assistant
Lynn NooijenStudent Assistant
Maaike van EmstStudent Assistant
Marit SchonewilleStudent Assistant
Martine van LoonStudent Assistant
Nienke VonkStudent Assistant
Pepijn BakkerStudent Assistant
Taco GoedemansStudent Assistant


Jan Hindrik RaveslootEducation Coordinator
Etienne VerheijckLecturer
Ronald WildersLecturer


Research Lines